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Case Study

Government Agency

Dublin, Ireland

Public Appointments Service and Capella team-up to streamline blended working

Headquarters in Dublin the Public Appointment Service (PAS) is the centralized provider of recruitment, assessment and selection for the civil service in Ireland

The challenge

With a recent shift to hybrid working, along with refurbishment of their HQ office, Public Appointments Services (PAS) required a hot-desk booking system that allowed internal administrators to create “neighborhoods” and allocate desks to specific teams. With multiple docking station types as well, PAS also required a booking system that allowed them to tag desks with specific equipment.

With certain office floors temporarily unavailable as they go through refurbishment, they would have far more office users than available desks, so a system that allowed administrators to closely monitor desk occupancy with detailed back-office reporting was essential. Health & Safety compliance was also a concern for PAS. Ensuring onsite health & safety personnel, fire safety and first aid were priorities for the PAS facilities team. A visitor tracing system was also required so that PAS could invite, log, and reserve desks for outside visitors.

Capella to the rescue

Capella’s platform can be customized with various tools to support hybrid working. After consultation with PAS and fully understanding their challenges, Capella’s Platform was implemented with the key features PAS would need to manage their blended workforce.

The Capella desk booking feature was added to their platform, with the addition of a desk tagging functionality. This functionality allowed internal admin/IT staff to tag desks with specific docking station equipment. For example, MAC only, Lenovo only and so on. A filtering system allows users to quickly identify compatible desks for their equipment. Capella’s dashboard also highlights office occupancy in a heatmap; this visual snapshot of occupancy is easy to understand and hugely important in an environment where user numbers exceed desks. A 3D model of the bookable office spaces shows who has booked which desks while also simplifying the desk booking process for all staff. The 3D visual also highlights the various emergency exits and exact locations of first aid kits. Internal administrators were given permission to restrict desks to specific departments, allowing them to positively disrupt traffic to the offices enabling employees to more easily collaborate with their teams. The Capella user/H&S role tagger system means that the health & safety team can quickly see upcoming office attendance and if fire marshals and first aid staff are on site each day. Capella’s solution dramatically simplifies health & safety compliance.

Capella’s visitor tools were also added to PAS’ platform so that they could seamlessly and professionally invite, communicate, and track outside visitors to the office. Capella’s system makes it simple to reserve a desk for a visitors and share information with them in advance of their time in the office as well.


The big picture

The Capella platform has provided an easy-to-use booking system which has yielded huge benefits for PAS. Staff can quickly book desks at the office within their available neighborhoods knowing that they will be near key team colleagues, ensuring maximum collaboration and continuous collateral learning. And the detailed reporting has allowed PAS leadership to closely monitor office usage trends and will play a big part in upcoming decisions regarding future office space requirements.

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