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Cathy O 'Donohoe

Managing Director

The Capella team were great to work with from start to finish, and made the process incredibly easy.  Everything happened so quickly when we closed our office and the team started working remotely, that home-office set up wasn’t even on my radar as something else I needed to be worried about! Thankfully Capella were able to take this off my plate and ensure our remote staff were set up safely at home. Capella were a partner to us throughout, and gave us detailed, individualized recommendations for each employee and most of all the peace of mind that we were not just covering our liabilities as an employer, but also that we were supporting our staff at a time they needed it most. Thank you Capella!

Client = Pluto

Pluto and Capella team-up to ensure remote staff safety
A self-proclaimed motley crew of artists, producers, storytellers, technologists & nerds who think wide and dig deep, Pluto is one of the top agencies in Ireland for connecting brands and people. When the whole motley crew went remote in 2020, Managing Director, Cathy O’Donohoe suddenly had to shift her attention to new concerns, considerations and liabilities. Top among them: her staff’s home offices.
The challenge
Like most businesses in 2020, Pluto closed their Dublin office in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and their team quickly had to set up their own home offices. As a company that thrives off of collaboration and in-person creative energy, working from home was completely new territory.  Cathy knew that the team would need help.  She promptly applied for Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Continuity Voucher, and within the same week had the team at Capella on board to assist.
Capella to the rescue
From start to finish the team at Capella made the process seamless and simple for Pluto. In collaboration with Cathy, Capella drafted customized communication to roll-out Capella’s proprietary home office audit software to the staff. Each remote employee logged into the WFH software using their unique user name and password to complete ergonomic training, a self-assessment, and upload pictures of their home office. This information was analyzed and measured through Capella’s backend software and individually assessed by their ergonomic managers.
The result
The result? Individualized risk assessments, analysis, and recommendations for each employee; detailed compliance documentation and robust reporting for Cathy and her leadership team; end to end support from Capella with furniture delivery, asset tracking and real-time access to information. And best of all, peace of mind that their staff were safe and back to being productive from their new home offices.

Client = Daon

Daon partners with Capella Workplace Solutions to safely reopen their Dublin office.
Daon is a privately held software company and innovator in biometric identity technology.  They enable government and commercial enterprises worldwide to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be.  When faced with the challenge of reopening their Dublin office in response to the new government protocols, Lorraine Culligan, EMEA Operations Manager, sought a comprehensive solution and support.
The challenge
Like most companies in 2020, Daon closed their Dublin office in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and resumed operations virtually in a matter of days. When the Irish government released the return to work safety protocols for reopening the workplace, Daon was faced with a new challenge: how to safely bring their staff back to the office under the new guidelines. “We realised we had such a momentous task ahead of us to amend our working environment” said, Lorraine Culligan. Knowing that they would need support, she promptly applied for Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Continuity Voucher, and within the same week had the team at Capella on board to assist.
Capella to the rescue
Specialists in innovative spatial design and experts in health and safety protocol, the team at Capella quickly got to work alongside key stakeholders at Daon to develop and deploy a comprehensive plan for reopening Daon’s Dublin office.  A large space in the IFSC business center, there were a number of factors that Capella needed to address to ensure the office was safe for staff. They began by reviewing the HSE checklist in detail with Daon and guided them through developing their Covid-19 response plan. Everything from evaluating the office layout and developing traffic flow plans to enable social distancing and creating their isolation room, Capella fully re-envisioned their workplace to meet not only their business needs but to create a space that was safe and welcoming to staff and compliant with government protocols.
Once the response plan was in place, the team at Capella worked with Daon to ensure that implementation was seamless. Capella provided end-to-end support: sourcing and arranging the installation of branded sanitation stations, consulting on the office redesign, as well as providing insight on staff training. As a final measure, all of this was completed within a short time frame, so that the team at Daon could quickly and safely get back to work.
The result
According to Lorraine “having access to this expert advice has given us so much more confidence to return to the office and we know we are on the right track to deal with all the challenges that Covid-19 presents. It has been such a huge assistance to Daon, providing practical advice at such a critical time.”


Lorraine Culligan

Operations Manager EMEA, Daon

The Capella team were excellent, they helped us identify requirements, plan and implement processes and monitor adherence to the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

I highly recommend Capella Consulting to any in-house teams that need support to meet the challenging, changing needs of business’s currently.

Capella, thank you, I really appreciate all your hard work, and I look forward to getting everyone safely back into the office in a few weeks.

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