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Software, insights and predictive data for smarter workspace management

At Capella, we help facilities management teams make greater use of their workspaces. We provide the most intelligent tools, insights and data to inform, predict and better manage workspaces and behaviours. The result: increased efficiency and significant cost savings.

The latest Capella Report, is here!

The Capella Report harnesses the real-world data on our platform to give facilities leaders the guidance and actionable insights you need to make the best use of your workspaces.


The Q2, 2023 Capella Report, is here!

In this report we give you real data on return to office (RTO) trends across sectors and practical steps and best practices for encouraging a greater return to the office. 

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Delivering better business outcomes for teams like yours

If you have a hybrid team, here's how we can help!

Onboarding & Remote Working

  • Ergonomic training and recommended equipment lists
  • WFH risk assessments
  • Compliance documentation

In-Office Tools

  • See who is working where, when
  • Hot desk booking
  • Meeting room management
  • Parking
  • Visitors

Health & Safety for Hybrid Teams

  • Fire marshal & first aid staff scheduling for in-office days
  • Fast, accurate evacuation lists
  • Remote staff risk assessments & support

Data & Insights

  • See how all of your space is being used- not just desks and meeting rooms
  • Employee trends
  • Understand and drive RTO excitement
  • Cost savings and smarter use for your space

Flexible working made easy

Hybrid working software, hot desk booking system and so much more!

Practical tools for employees

Powerful benefits for employers

For Employers
For Employees

Employer Benefits

Manage flexible working

Employee Features

Everything you need

More than data… we give you insights

Real Data in Real Time

Do you know how your office is being used? Which locations, days, and spaces are most important to employees? If you need more meeting rooms, fewer floors, or new locations? Do you know how hybrid working is impacting your teams & people over time? We get you the data you need so you can make smart decisions today – and powerful decisions for the future of your business.  

The way we work has changed.
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