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At Capella, our mission is to partner with forward thinking companies to ensure that your employees thrive, whether they are working from your office, or their home office.

is built around the individuals that make up every workforce.

With a shared passion for innovation, health and safety, and employee engagement, the focus for founders Criona and Victoria, and for Capella, has always been about finding solutions. When the landscape of work changed so dramatically in 2020, they recognised a genuine gap  in the marketplace to support the new needs of both employers and employees. Coming from a corporate and design background, they started with the new norm for offices and this quickly also led to innovative, on-line solutions to support working from home. Today, we are not just specialists in redesigning the future of the workplace – we are partners in creating the future of yours.


At Capella we believe



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Dublin, Ireland


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New York City, USA


Dublin, Ireland


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Working From Home

You have a liability for your staff working safely from home.

Don’t worry... We’ve got your back (and your neck)!